Lenovo has launched Lenovo K8 Note with a dual camera setup. The phone will be available exclusively through Amazon India starting from Rs.12999. Read the specification about this device under 100 Words. The handset is vastly different from the company’s previous handsets and offers great value for money but here are the 5 Drawback of Lenovo K8 Note.


  1. USB Type C

    Nowadays almost every phone which costs 10000 INR or up comes with USB Type C port because that is future proofed and USB Type C has a lot of advantage. But this time LG did not give this Q6 a USB Type C.

2. No IR blaster

Lenovo this time did not give an IR blaster sensor. As you know if it had IR sensor then you could use this device as a remote control. For this price, Lenovo could add an IR blaster that would give it some extra points.

3. Not backlited navigation button

As this device doesn’t have on screen navigation button I thought they will add backlit navigation buttons. But unfortunately, they did not add any backlit button. So it might create a problem for some new users.

4. Slightly heavier than competitor

Lenovo K8 Note is 180G which is slightly heavier than its competitor. Like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 [Read Reasons not to Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 4] has a weight of 165G and Honor 6X has a weight of 162G.

5. Tend to overheat

As Lenovo K8 Note comes with a MediaTek processor it has a tendency to overheat. It will be not as cool as a Snapdragon 625 device. It will make another point not to buy Lenovo K8 Note.

These are the main 5 drawback of Lenovo K8 Note.
If you don’t have any problem with these then you can buy this device from Amazon.

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