5 Drawback of LG Q6 : Full Vision Display Phone

LG has launched its LG Q6 in India at Rs 14,990. It is available at Amazon India Exclusively. Read the specification about this device under 100 Words. Here are the 5 Drawback of LG Q6.


  1. Finger Print Sensor

As LG has tried to build a bezel less phone they were unable to put a fingerprint sensor on the front side. But still, they could place a fingerprint sensor on the back of that device. But Nah… They did not add any fingerprint sensor. Though it has facial recognition but still finger print sensor would give it some extra points.

2. Unable to watch Full Screen

If you are thinking of watching a movie on this Lg Q6 then you can not watch that movie on a full screen. Actually, you can watch that movie on full screen if the movie aspect ratio is 18:9 Most YouTube videos have an aspect ratio of 16:9 so there will be some black bars. But to be honest I don’t think it’s a huge drawback.


3. USB Type C

Nowadays almost every phone which costs 10000 INR or up comes with USB Type C port because that is future proofed and USB Type C has a lot of advantage. But this time LG did not give this Q6 a USB Type C.

4. Slow Processor

LG Q6 comes with a SnapDragon Processor which is great. But It comes with a basic Chipset which is Snapdragon 435! For this budget, Snapdragon 435 is not a value for the price. So if you have plans to play games, in my opinion, this is not the best device for this budget.


5. Fast Charging

LG Launched Q6 with a 3000mAH battery but it does not support fast charging. Personally, I was expecting a Fast Charging as most of the device at this price range comes with a fast charging capacity. This makes another Drawback of LG Q6

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Before you buy one LG Q6 remember this 5 reasons not to buy LG Q6 but if you are OK with these then go ahead and buy one.

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