Asus ROG 3 Long Term Review : Best Gaming Smartphone of 2021?

Asus ROG 3 smartphone is a dream of many gamers and its is a king in terms of specification. It’s been almost a month I’ve been using this device so let’s roll the intro and check if it is still the best gaming smartphone of 2021 or not. 

Design and Build

this Asus ROG 3 is cover by a glass and I like glass finish smartphones. On the back there is a huge camera bump where it holds it’s 3 camera. Beside that there is a flush light, microphone and another LED for the Matrix case. Just below that we see the classic ROG Logo which can be lit up. Now just below that there is written Republic of Gamers. The weight of this smartphone is 240G which is on the heaver side and after picking this device you will feel the weight and the main reason is because it contains a huge battery of 6000mAh. The display is 6.59 inch with no notch but thick bezels on top and bottom and there it contains it’s powerful dual stereo speaker. The red accent on the power button gives it a cool vibe and on the other side you will notice sim and microSD card slot. Below that you will notice a hidden slot and there you can insert your charger while gaming or you can attach more accessories provided by ASUS. By the way this is the only case which I don’t mind using.


This display is a little special because it has a refresh rate of 144Hz. I know it is insane! And it is a perfect display for a gaming device. The screen size is 6.59 inch with almost 80% screen to body ratio. The amoled screen is protected by the corning gorilla glass 6. The display brightness can get quite high so you will not have any problem outside but… There is a but in the lowest brightness I have noticed that number 1 it’s can be a little more low and number 2 is there is a magenta tint on the display. But you will not face this problem if you are not using this phone on the lowest brightness. And on the bezels there are two stereo speakers which are good in quality and loud in sound. Watching movies or videos on this device is a bliss. I loved the display quality and the audio of this device. BTW it supports HDR videos so you can watch HDR videos on YouTube using this device too.

Performance and UI

Okay so if I have to sum it up in one sentence I will say “The performance is amazing, it is suing the best available hardware but the UI can be better”

Let me explain what I have said and why I said that in detail. This device is available in 8/12GB of ram and I’m using the 8GB LDDR5 ram variant. The Snapdragon 865+ with a 8Gb is a beast. This device has a UFS 3.1 storage which is super fast. I have not noticed any laggy or anything. This device is supper snappy and the 144hz screen refresh rate is a cherry on the top.
Well then why I said it can be improved ? I have noticed that this device lag but sometimes I have noticed glitches while using 144hz. And this UI which is based on Android 10 I don’t feel the connection. Maybe it’s only me.
By the ways let’s talk about the network and connectivity because that’s the main purpose of a mobile. The network is good in this device. I have not noticed any network issues and yes it is a 5G ready smartphone but as you know there are no 5G networks in India so I was unable to test that. The Wi-Fi is also good  and the range is quite impressive and there is a thing you can connect to 2 different networks at the same time so that it gives you a better performance.



This device has 3 cameras and the main sensor is a 64MP Sony IMX 686 with a aperture of 1.8. Other 2 cameras are wide angle and a micro camera. In my opinion the micro camera is useless and the 64MP camera takes quite good photos but it is not the best in this price range. The wide angle camera is not the widest but okay. The Marco camera is a useless thing in my opinion. And yeah it can take photos in RAW format so editors…. If we move to the video department of this device. This device can record upto 8K! Yes you heard that right this device can record in 8K. Apart from that you shoot 4K videos at 60FPS. You can turn on or off wind reduction and mic focus which are the little things I like. I shot some 1080P videos, here are some and I have noticed that if we turn on the stabilization then the sharpness of the videos goes down by a lot even in 1080P. By the way there is a mode call pro video where you have a lot of options to play. The front camera is quite good. I liked it. It does come with a 24MP camera and the pictures are good and also good for video streaming.


Now let’s move to the gaming experience. The main reason why you have opted for this device insate of any other device. If I had to say in one word I would say “FAbulous”. Why did I said that? Well it’s like a phone from heaven for gamers. The screen is 144hz and touch sampling is 270hz! It does not stop there It also has a 25ms of touch response and 18ms of slide response. The gaming experience is a lot better than any other device I have used on this 6.59 inch little monstar. The colors are bright and accurate, the performance does not drop because of this vents, heatsinks and copper vapour chembers. Not only that you set game modes according to games. BTW to use the top most gaming mode you need an air cooler. You can throw any game at this device and you will not see any lags.

There are some little things which I also liked. Like the dual type C port you can charge it like this and you will not have any problem while gaming. Actually even in normal useale i found out this better than the port below. 

The GameGinne is my most favorite thing. It has a lot of options. You can stream while gaming using this and you will not notice any performance drop. Though it will heat up quickly, that’s not a thing to worry about. The air triggers are my favorite thing I can use 4 fingers to play the game. Fun fact I played COD and I used the nuclear bomb! Just using the knife. Though one of my friend tired this and said the air triggers has a little delay but I have not noticed. Maybe because I don’t play that many games. By the way you can record that game play and can record the internal audio only also you can see the real time information. There are so many things in this. Maybe I need to make a separate video just for the gaming modes. 

One thing I forgot to mention you have to turn the XMode on for better performance. You can turn that on from the app or you can create a shortcut like squeeze the device long for this. The pressure sensors are good and the shortcuts are useful like squeeze once for the flash light.



Asus ROG 3 contains a 6000mAh battery and it’s battery life is insane! You can get a 10Hours of screen on time with 60Hz and Guess what I had almost 2Hours of gaming that day! Though with 144Hz the battery life is a little short like 7Hours but still it’s great. So you don’t have to worry because this device can give you a battery life of 2 Days.

The charger is a 30W QC4 charger and it takes less than 100 Minutes to get fully charged. And to extend the overall battery life they have implemented some tricks too. Like one of them is pass through charging while gaming so that you battery life will be longer as charge cycle will still remain same another one is schedule charging where you can set when you gonna use the device. It will set the charging speed according to that and it is very useful for overnight charging. Also you can set after which point the charging should stop. I have set this up at 90%.0



If you are a gamer then definitely go for this device. you will not find any smartphone which is any better than this phone in terms of gaming. The performance and other stuff like battery is great.

But if you are casual user and your main priority is camera and OS then there are some other options to look around.

Asus ROG 3


Design and Build








Performance and UI


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