4 of the Best Laptop Backpack on Amazon USA for Men and Women under $30

Last few months the need for laptops and Personal Computers (PC) has grown dramatically due to the pandemic. Many of us have to work from home and students has to use a laptop for their studies. The Laptops are the most affordable and portable. But to use the portability of a laptop you need a Laptop Backpack. This post dedicated to laptop users who are looking for a laptop backpack at this time. Most laptop backpacks are for men and women, as most manufacturers make laptop backpacks with a unisex design. Most of these Laptop backpacks available on Amazon USA and few items can be purchased from international stores like Alibaba and eBay.


  1. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack on Amazon USA

    This laptop backpack available on Amazon USA. It is one of the best selling backpacks. This laptop backpack is for men and women. The price of this backpack is less than $25. It comes with a USB charging port and to use it you have to place a battery inside the backpack. It is also water-resistant (not waterproof) and has an anti-theft compartment. This backpack comes with 2 different variants, one for the 15.6-inch laptops and another one for the 17 inches laptops.

  2. Xiaomi City Backpack 2

    This 15.6 inch laptop backpack is also available on Amazon USA. This backpack is made by the Chinese mobile giant company Xiaomi. This backpack does not so many features as Matein Backpack but as this product is made by Xiaomi it cost $29.99.

  3. Mancro Laptop Backpack

    This is another popular 15.6 inch laptop backpack on Amazon USA with over 18,000+ reviews. This backpack contains a lot of features. One of them is a physical lock on this backpack. This backpack supports up to 15.6inch of laptop and it also has a USB external charging port. With the coupon, this backpack does come under $20 and it’s a great laptop backpack for that price.

  4. MANCIO Slim Laptop Backpack on Amazon USA

    This is the last 15.6 inch laptop backpack on this list. It is also available on Amazon USA. The price is under $25 and the main thing about this backpack is its design. Its design is a little different which will make this backpack stand out in the crowd.

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