Boat Rockerz 400 Review : Best Budget Wireless Headset?

It’s 2018 and every major smartphones maker have started removing 3.5mm jack. So if you want to listen to the music then you have to use a USB type C headphone or a wireless Headphone. Actually, you have another option you can play the audio on the loudspeaker. But do you really wanna play a voice message loud which you got from your friend? I don’t think so. Well, the best option is to use a Bluetooth headset or headphone. Finding a Bluetooth headphone/headset under INR 1000 or USD 15 is a tough job. We bought Boat Rockerz 400 for Review, which cost us INR 999. I bought this from Amazon India on a sale. Anyways let’s roll into the Boat Rockerz 400 review and find out if it is the best Bluetooth headset available in the market or not.


What’s inside the Box

  • Headset
  • Manual
  • 3.5mm Cable
  • Micro USB Cable


Design and Build of Boat Rockerz 400 Review

The headset is made out of plastic and metal. Yeah, it’s build quality is definitely not top notch but we can’t expect much at this price point. I have tried to expand this and headed a cracking sound, I thought I broke it but no it was fine. But still, I’m not gonna suggest you expand this thing it may break. The plastic is hard plastic so it’s a good thing and hopes it’s durable. The cushion on the headset is not that soft but it is ok for the price. We will discuss more about this more in Comfort point

Boat has branded their name on both sides of the headset. The right earcup has all the control button charging port led indicator 3.5mm headphone jack. The charging port is Micro USB type. They have included the cable but have not added the charger so you have to use your phone charger. The left earcup is almost blank. There are only 2 holes and I’m guessing that those holes are for microphone

Sound Quality Boat Rockerz 400 Review

To be honest I was not expecting too much from this wireless headphone as it’s price 1000INR. So what do you think? Am I wrong or right? Let’s find this out. This headset gave me a wired result. The result with wired and Bluetooth was different. in the first part, we will talk about the sound quality using 3.5mm jack. Well when I listen using the jack, the music quality is surprisingly good. The audio is clear and rich. The bass is deep too. The vocals are loud and clear. By that time I got impressed. Soon after that I turned on the Bluetooth and connected the mobile device with the headset. Pairing was easy and fast. Started listing another song but this time everything was same but I have noticed that I am getting some noise with the audio. I know it’s weird but when I increased the volume the noise got disappeared. Everything else was same as before. The vocals are clear and loud and the bass are deep too.
By the way, Boat Rockerz 400 has a microphone so that means you can accept calls using this device. but when I tried this the other person was unable to hear me. Later I made a  replacement order from Amazon. And this the audio is clear so I think the previous model was defective.


Features Boat Rockerz 400 Review

There are 3 buttons on the right earcup. One is a forward button which can be used as a volume up button if you press the button for more than 1 sec. The next button is play/pause button which is situated next to the forward button. You have to use this button to turn on/ turn off the headset. In a nut cell, it’s the power button. The next button is Previous button but which can be used as a volume down button if you press the button for more than 1 sec. If you want to receive a call then made a short press on the power button and to reject press the power button for 1 sec.


The most important thing in my opinion for a headset after sound quality is the comfort. Unfortunately, this headset isn’t my favourite when it comes to comfort. You can use this headphone for 1 or 2 hours. Then your ears start to hurt. So it’s not recommended from my side to use this headphone to watch a movie. I will suggest you to purchase an over-ear headset those are more comfortable to watch a movie unless like on the ear headset.


Battey Life Boat Rockerz 400 Review

This Boat Rockerz 400 takes almost 200 minutes to charge and can last up to 8 hours. When it charges a LED glows in red and when it gets fully charged the LED will turn into blue.

Value for money

In my opinion, Boat Rockerz 400 is the only quality Bluetooth headset available on the market for under INR 1000 price bracket. You can buy this Boat Rockerz 400 from Flipkart or Amazon

Boat Rockerz 400


Design and Build


Sound Quality






Value for money


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