Dragonwar Storm Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Full Review

Hey what’s up guys? Recently I was looking for a budget gaming keyboard and mouse for my laptop.I ended up with the purchase of Dragonwar storm gaming keyboard and mouse and here the review.

Unboxing of Dragonwar Storm

I purchased this Dragonwar Storm mouse and keyboard from Amazon India for rs 899 which is almost $14.The package quality of this mouse and keyboard is average.It Looks good tho.Also it says it is waterproof, I mean screenshot-249the keyboard.Opening the box.First thing you will notice the keyboard and the mouse with a CD to programme the extra buttons on the mouse.And below that, you will get few extra gaming keys.Well that’s all you will get inside the box


Review Keyboard

Let’s talk about the Dragonwar Storm keyboard.screenshot-243This keyboard has muti-media buttons two sides like mail,home calculator etc. The keyboard is fully made out of plastic.On the back, it has an adjustable stand and a grip which is also made out of plastic.The typing comfortable is pretty good as compared to a $14 keyboard.My typing speed is same as before the keyboard is not impressive but it’s pretty good for the price

The keyboard is not impressive but it’s DECENT for the price

Review Mouse

The Dragonwar Storm mouse looks a little bit more premium than the keyboard.It’s made out of rubber and plastic.screenshot-244The size is almost 5 inches which is great in my opinion.The top portion is made out of rubber.Few parts of this mouse is glossy which may get scratch easily.The scroll button is also covered by rubber and the scroll button has grips.But the DPI button is plastic.You can adjust the DPI from 800 to 3200.The mouse is also has a led light which changes it’s colour automatically And I did not found any way to off this led.This mouse has 2 extra buttons on the left side which you can programme by the software.I have programmed this button as a razor and select button as I do edit videos.You can make many profiles from this software.There is nothing on the right side of this mouse.The tracking of this mouse is very good.I did not found any kind of problem or lag with this mouse till now.On the bottom of this mouse, it says it has a blue sensor and it’s made in China.


screenshot-252Apart from the mouse and keyboard the cable is pretty strong.It’s impressive because in this price point you are getting a really high-quality cable or at least it looks like premium.

The USB connectors are gold plated and stylish

And at last I think Dragonwar Storm is definitively one of the best keyboard and mouse combos under $15


Hope you have enjoyed reading this. 🙂
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Dragonwar Storm Gaming Keyboard & Mouse











  • Extra Buttons
  • Mouse's LED
  • Value


  • Build

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