Challenges and Games like Blue Whale which you should Avoid

Blue whale game has killed many teenage this year. The game was first released in 2013. But the game became very popular from late 2016 (Blue Whale Game Tasks, Ways to Get Out and Alternative Game).  Anyway, there are much more challenges or games like the blue whale which you should avoid because those game may kill you or physically harm you. We have made a list of these challenges or games.  Here are the games like Blue Whale which you should Avoid

The Ice and Salt Challenge

In this challenge, you have to put salt in between your skin and an ice cube. There are many videos on youtube about this challenge. This challenge may result in a skin burn. Which is definitely not good for your health.
The mixture of ice and salt creates a eutectic frigorific mixture which can get as cold as −18 °C (0 °F) much colder than ice alone. This repeatable cooling reaction was used to calibrate the Fahrenheit temperature scale.

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Cinnamon Challenge

It is another challenge where you have to swallow a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in under a minute without drinking anything. This challenge is not good for your lungs at all. It may cause inflammation, and lead to infection.

Hot Pepper Challenge

Here in this challenge, you have to eat a chilli pepper that is high on the Scoville scale. It may cause vomiting and other problems.

The Eraser Challenge

This challenge became a breaking news when a kid gets hospitalized for taking this challenge. In this challenge, you have to erase your skin while saying the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter. Once you get to Z you stop and compare your skin with your friends.

There are many more dangerous challenges and I will suggest you not to get into this kind of challenges. So stay safe from dangerous challenges and keep reading our article 😉

These were the games like Blue Whale which you should Avoid

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