ASUS launch their new Zenfone Max at the Price point of RS 9,999. But before you grab one check this full post :


  1. No IR Blaster

    At the price point of Rs 9,999 you can buy a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Where you have IR Blaster sensor.You can control TV, AC etc via this sensor.

  2. Old Processor

    It has an old Snapdragon 615 Processor, which is pretty old and can create the heating issue.

  3. No Figer Print

    In this price point, you can get Xiaomi Redmi Note 3,Coolpad Note 3 and they have a Figer Print Scanner/Sensor.

  4. No Fast Chargingmaxresdefault

    This device does not support any kind of fast charging. Even the Xiaomi Redmi Note has 1st Gen Quick Charging.

  5. No NFC

    When they are not giving any of this above, they could give it NFC.

  6. Only HD ScreenEven Xiaomi redmi Note 3 has Full HD display. Full HD is very helpful if you are gonna use it on a VR.


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