Top Zero Balance Neobanks in India aka the FinTech Banks

Neobanks, a new term has been buzzing society for a long time. A lot of Zero Balance Neobanks in India has grown in a short period of time. Some more Neobanks is coming soon in India. But which ones are free to open and free to maintenance? This post will guide you to find the perfect Zero Balance Neo Banks in India.


Also, if you don’t know what is Neobank then don’t forget to read this post. We have answered all the FAQs about Neobanks too.


Zero Balance Neobanks in India


  1.  Fi Money

    Fi money, the newest member of Zero Balance Neobanks in India. This bank has not expressed itself as public yet. But you can signup for the wishlist and it usually takes 1-2 weeks to get the invite code.
    Their main feature is saving money and tracking your money. Similar to Finin Money.

    Partnered Bank: Federal Bank
    Benefits: Zero Forex, Expense Tracking
    Card Type: Visa Debit Card
    By: epiFi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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  2. Jupiter Money

    Similar to Fi money as they are launching soon. You can wishlist yourself here. They are providing cashback from 1.5-10% for every transaction for the first 3 months. After that 1% cashback. This bank is also free to open an account.

    Partnered Bank: Federal Bank / Axis Bank
    Benefits: Cashback for UPI/Card transaction
    Card Type: Visa Card
    By: Amica Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  3. NiyoX

    NiyoX is a neobank in India in Partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank. They are providing up to 7% interest on saving account per annum. Also, they are providing 0% commission on Mutual Funds.

    Partnered Bank: Equitas Small Finance Bank / ICICI Bank / IDFC First Bank / DCB Banks / Yes Bank
    Benefits: 0% Commission on Mutual Funds and up to 7% Interest p.a.
    Card Type: Visa, Mastercard, RuPay Card

    Zero Balance Neobanks in India

  4. Finin

    Finin is a fintech banking aka neobanking in India. Their main goal is to track your expense. Similar to Fi money banking.

    Partnered Bank: SMB Bank
    Benefits: Expense Tracking
    Card Type: Visa Debit Card
    By: Dinero Innovations Pvt. Ltd

These Neobanks in India has grown a lot in this short time period. As the pandemic happens, most of the users want to open a bank account without visiting the banks for obvious reasons. And most of these Zero Balance Neobanks in India provides account opening without visiting any banks.

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