Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic 2018 Review : Best Budget Earphones?

Just like every year, this year Xiaomi has launched their new headphone series. This time Xiaomi has launched 2 headphones. Mi Earphones Basic with Mic is available on Amazon for INR 399 and Mi Earphones with Mic is available on Amazon for INR 699. In this article, we will talk about the Xiaomi Mi Earphone Basic 2018. This headphone is definitely not for pro users. The price of this headphone is only USD 6. So you can’t expect more from this headphone. So let’s find out how’s the headphone for this price point. Here is the Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic 2018 Review

What’s inside the Box

  • Headphone
  • Earbuds

Design and Build of Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic 2018 Review

The Headphone is mainly made out of plastic. But the red coloured part is made out of some kind of metal. The wire quality is not the best but we can’t complain as it’s price is 400 INR. The cable isn’t flat that means the cable can get tangled. The 3.5mm jack is gold plated and angled so it’s expected to last long. The earbuds are made of silicon and not the most comfortable but it’s okay for the price in my opinion.

Sound Quality of Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic 2018 Review

to be honest I was expecting same sound quality as 2016’s model but 2016’s model was better. Yes, I know that 2016’s Xiaomi headphone was a little bit more pricey but the build quality was strong. I thought they have dropped the price and build quality to maintain the sound quality. But nope…. The bass is quite good for the price. it does not has the best bass at this price point but it’s one of the best bass earphone in this price. The vocal was not good at all. I was expecting a lot from Xiaomi. I felt the vocal is dull. It’s okay but I had more expectations from Xiaomi. Anyways let’s move to the next point.



This headphone has a microphone that means you can use this headphone while you are on a call. Also, it has got a button. You can control the audio player by clicking that button. like if you click the button once it will play or pause or attend the call. If you click the button twice then it will skip the current track. the tips of the earphones are angled at 45 degrees so that it can fit properly. The earbuds came out of my ears sometimes.


If you are a bass lover you can go with this earphones. But if you want more natural vocals then buy another headphone. If you have some extra cash then go for the higher model which is available for INR 600.


Video of Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic 2018 Review

We have made a video if you are looking for a video review then check out this video.

Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic 2018

INR 399

Design and Build








Value for money


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